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How To Unclog Your Slow Bathtub Drain

The moment you feel water backing up to your ankles as you shower, you know for sure that your shower drain is clogged. Should water go down the drain really slow, one thing is for sure, something is blocking it on the pipes. You may conveniently call the plumber to fix the slow bathtub drain, or you may wait for some time to have it fixed. Or you can do-it-yourself and fix the shower drain.

Overtime dirt and grime accumulates on your shower drain, and slowly block your drain. It may be falling hair going down the drain, soap pieces, or soap scum which prevents water from free flowing on your drainage system. For some, they’d simply create a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to remove clogging.

But if this simple trick does not work, you may try these simple DIY (do-it-yourself) plumbing tips to remove the clog and fix your slow bathtub drain:

  1. Check the drain stopper from your tub, if you do have one. Remove any hair or soap residue that accumulated around the stopper which leads to water clogging.
  2.  Take ¾ cups of baking soda and place it down your bathtub drain. Then, add in about ½ cups of vinegar and quickly cover the drain with a cloth until such time that the bubbling stops. Let it stand for about half an hour. Using the kettle, boil hot water and pour the entire contents down the drain to wash away any removed clogs from your bathtub drainage.
  3.  If the above baking soda-vinegar formula does not work, try this trick instead. Using a wire, bend it at approximately two inches to create a fish hook shape. Slowly insert the fish hook wire into your bath tub drain, and rock it back and forth until you feel some resistance. Get to hook that particular clog and pull it up and out of your bathtub drain.
  4.  You can also make use of the plunger to de-clog your bottom holes in the over flow plate, which is the round metal plate above the drain. Place the plunger onto the bath tub drain and push it up and down until such time that the clog comes loose. This may be done instead of the wire trick, especially if the wire does not reach the clog or if it was not able to let loose the drain clog.

If you experience a slow draining bath tub, it’s either you have not cleaned your drain for years or hair and other waste materials have built up and ended up in your very slow moving drains. Regular cleaning of your drain is not that hard, and as soon as you have removed the clog, be sure to check up and clean your drain constantly to avoid any future clogs.

Undeniably, hair, soap and other waste materials may build up in your shower pipes over time, which can lead to a slower drainage in the bathtub. Whenever your bathtub drain is slow draining, check the problem immediately.

If all of these instant remedies do not work for your bathtub drain, it is best to consult the services of a licensed and professional plumber who are experts in slow bathtub drains like Ladd Plumbing. Your clogged drainage problems are just a click away, just contact the best Boston Plumber: Ladd Plumbing today!

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